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Cross-Cultural Seminar (大杉正明先生とスーザン岩本さんの英会話講座) was a radio show focused on exploring differences between Japanese and English culture, and teaching useful English words and phrases to Japanese learners of English. Although intended for native speakers of Japanese, the show is actually quite useful for learners of Japanese, too. In fact, such “reverse learning” is often far more interesting that using traditional “learner friendly” content. The program has a good mix of both languages (meaning plenty of input for Japanese learners but enough English to provide context for intermediate learners), and you will gain useful cultural insights into how the Japanese see the world. The program is hosted by OOSUGI Masaki (大杉正明・おおすぎまさき), a famous English teacher and NHK TV presenter, and IWAMOTO Susan (岩本スーザン・いわもとすーざん), a native speaker of English from Philadelphia who first came to Japan in 1996 as part of the JET Programme. Though they are no longer making new episodes (the last episode was released in 2010), the topics covered in the program are still relevant to learners today, and you can still access all 211 episodes on iTunes or through the show sponsor’s website.